In the first place we must inquire what it is that reminds us of the Divine, what brings us to a feeling of the existence of the Divine Being? It is what may be called beauty, the beauty, the delicacy, the colour in the flower, and the brilliancy and the light of the precious stone. For in all that which is beautiful is intelligence, even manifesting through material objects. The definition of the secret of fragrance, the secret of the brilliancy of the diamond, of the beauty of the pearl, the secret behind all that appeals and attracts man, it is intelligence.

          Only the intelligence in all things is, so to speak, imprisoned, covered; and in living beings this intelligence begins to manifest, and in man there is the great possibility of the manifestation of this intelligence. Therefore in things or beings, if anywhere there is a trace of the Divine to be found, it is in the intelligence. And as many different degrees may be found in the beautiful flowers, one better than the other, and as many different degrees may be found between pebbles and the diamond, a million more different degrees may be found between man and man.

          At this present time when man has disregarded this beauty, and the value which is hidden in human personality, by this he has disregarded that divine substance which is hidden in man. Today there is no place, there is no recognition of human culture, whereas every other object is classified and a value has been fixed to it. There are different studies and different practices, and different degrees in the universities and colleges. There are ranks and divisions in all other parts of life, but there is no distinct place for the understanding, for the intelligence of man in its true aspect.

          There is no loss to the person who possesses this wealth, only by this before the world where is nothing distinguished, and there is no chance for every man to find out what is behind the veil. If one could explain the real meaning of education and a true education, it would be from the beginning to the end of man's life: realization of the circulation of the Divine blood through the veins of the universe. For there is no limitation of time for the study and practice of this, it is endless.

          The secret behind magnetism, which has its different aspects, is one and the same. No doubt magnetism, personal magnetism is divided into several different parts. There is a physical magnetism, which comes with the youth, with energy, with the healthiness of the body, the more healthy the person is. Especially at the time of youth, the person begins to show a certain energy in every action and in his every movement, and by this he expresses magnetism. Then there is a greater magnetism than that, and that is the magnetism of the mind.

          A person with a living mind is like a light, and as light attracts and its warmth comforts, so does comfort come out of this person as a radiance. Besides, there is a magnetism of culture. A person who is well trained and has a certain culture, then his action, his word, his thought, all become rhythmic. And the fourth magnetism is the magnetism of the soul, the soul which is living. By living I mean which is not closed or covered with a grave, but which manifests outwardly as well as inwardly. It is this soul which has another magnetism, a magnetism which is greater still, and greatest of all other aspects of magnetism.

          Now the question is that how can one attain to this highest magnetism which alone is the endurable magnetism? It is by watching the Divine Essence, by noticing the Divine essence in all things. You will always find the difference between two men of different temperament. There is one man appreciative of music, poetry and art, responsive and ready to admire all that is good and beautiful and there is another person who closes himself, he is not open to appreciate anything, not ready to respond to anything or willing to admire anything.

          And when the door is closed from the Divine Manifestation which is in all things, then that continual source of attracting new magnetism is closed, then the soul dies of poverty. For the physical body, since it is limited, its sustenance is also limited, but the soul, as the soul is not limited, so its sustenance is not limited. Soul is not satisfied with one moment's meditation only, nor is the soul satisfied by one good action in the week, nor is the soul satisfied by attending one prayer, perhaps, in a week's time.
The soul's hunger is greater than the hunger of body or mind. Its hunger is satisfied by beauty, beauty in all its aspects, beauty of colour, beauty of thought and imagination. Therefore naturally the soul of the artist, of the poet, of the musician, of a thinker is always living. But, at the same time, the difference is that the one who is fond of beauty and derives that nourishment which comes from beauty also, has only a limited food. For the perfect satisfaction can only come when one knows all beauty to be One Beauty, and that one beauty to be the Divine Beauty.

          Very often man questions the idea of communication, of Divine Communication. But it is not an impossible thing, it is the most desirable thing there is, only the person who thinks that the Divine Communication can be made by going to Heaven and leaving this earth, he may well wait for some time. As for the example, we have no lack of examples in the world, if only we can see. For instance, a true musician, a real musician, the music is not only an art, a symphony, it is something which speaks to him, it is something with which he communicates.

          A musician who arrives at this stage, he may be perhaps striking one chord, and the continual striking of that one chord will bring him to an ecstasy. For another person it is only striking a chord, but for him it is speaking with the piano, he is conversing with it. Besides all the great men I have seen in my country, I recall having seen one of the great pianists of the Western world, Paderewski, and I valued my privilege of hearing him at his house, when there were not many people, when he was by himself, when he began to play. And his play, it seemed as if there was a question of his soul and an answer of the piano, the whole time it was a question of his soul and an answer of music. In the end it seemed as if at the close of the whole thing that the soul of the player and the music became one and perfect.

          Now this is an example, but there can be many other examples such as this. In order to attain to this perfection one need not be a musician, the whole life from morning to evening before us can speak to us, if we are able to speak to it, if we establish the communication with life. When man is not open he is not even open to himself, he cannot communicate with life, then he is lonely, but the man who is in communication with himself, he may be in the forest, in the wilderness, yet he is in the world, the whole universe is around him. How many souls are among us, friends, who, living in this crowded world, yet are lonely, when it is so natural and possible that a man outside the world may keep in communication with the whole Being.

          A scientist has discovered that by touching an electric current, or by attaching oneself to it, one can obtain more energy in a certain part of the body where there is less energy.  If this material aspect of electricity can give a new life, a new vigour to the body, then, if one came in contact with that continual battery of life, could one not attain from it all one desires? An energy which is everywhere, and with which one can get in touch everywhere, if one only knew how to communicate with it; an energy which is not without intelligence, but which is the perfection of intelligence. Mind and soul can become more and more intelligent by coming into contact with it.

          But now one might ask, "How can one attain it?" As it is necessary that in order to sing well one must cultivate one's voice, and as it is necessary in order to get muscularly strong one has to make physical exercises, so it is most necessary to get in touch with the Divine Life which is all around and about us, which is within and without us, to practise to get in touch with it and to keep in touch with it. We see that in all different occupations of life, whether it is scientific inventions or in industry or in business, one must be so absorbed in it in order to do something worthwhile in life.

          The same can also be applicable to the spiritual work as it is to the material work. Concentration is the main thing, and when the concentration is not attained, then whatever a person will do, it will not bring about worthwhile results. You can find in all different occupations the cause of failures in ninety-nine among a hundred cases is the lack of concentration. When a student fails in passing his examination, when a businessman fails in making his real success, when an industrial man fails to bring about a success, in all this it is lack of concentration which causes the failure.

          A spiritual or religious attitude apart, even from a material and selfish point of view, one cannot deny the greatest value of concentration in life.  But when we come to realize that there is one energy, an energy which is not only an energy but Intelligence itself, and which is Divine and which is all over, then one has come face to face with the object one is searching for. All that remains for him then is to know that intellectual knowledge does not satisfy his purpose, for him it remains to try and find out how he can communicate, how he can come into touch with this all-pervading energy.  And the answer is, one has to mould oneself, one has to prepare oneself in order to become a fitting instrument, in order to fit in with this all-pervading energy. And the question is, "How has one to prepare?" The answer is that every soul has been made to answer in this symphony of the whole universe as a certain note. And when he will not give that note he will not be fulfilling his life's purpose, and thereby he will always feel dissatisfied with himself and others. And how will he be able to attain or attune himself to that note? By the ear training, in symbolical expression, plainly speaking, by studying the law, the nature, and the secret of harmony in life.

          Does it not teach us that there are two important things to remember? One is to develop the sense of harmony in one's everyday life and to develop the sense of rhythm in everything one does. If one has developed the sense of harmony and yet has not known the secret of rhythm, he will still have difficulties. And if one knows the rhythm and how to fit in with the rhythm of the universe, and yet has no sense of the nature and secret of harmony, then also will he meet with failures. It teaches us that the whole life is as a music, and to study it we must study it as music. It is not only study, it is practice that makes man perfect. If anyone told me, "that person is a miserable, or a wretched person, or a distressed person," the answer will be, "he is out of tune."

          A distress or disappointment or failure is caused by falling short of answering one's own duty in playing the part in the symphony. Very often people will ask, "There is a good man, why must he suffer? There is a very nice person, a religious person, why has he distress?" And there are others who will answer a thousand different reasons. They will say that perhaps in the life before he has done something wrong, therefore he has to pay his debts, or some will say that goodness must always suffer. But when we come to the practical side of the question, the answer is simple, that man-made goodness is not natural goodness.

          Nature demands, life demands a certain standard of understanding, of thinking, of living and that can be learned by learning the tune and the rhythm, not only by learning, but by putting oneself to that tune and setting oneself to that particular rhythm which makes the music of life. It is by this, in this manner that the happiness is attained, that happiness which is the seeking of every soul. And it is in this manner that one will progress continually until he will touch the Divine Spirit, the Spirit that pervades all through and which is everywhere.